Serigrafia Palmaco Srl is a company operating in the graphics sector, providing prints and processing of plastics and metals industries such as electronic, electromechanical, aerospace and automotive.

Our screen printing technique was founded in 1986 based in Thiene in Vicenza.

We started the activity with the traditional screen printing and the transformation of plastic materials, such as polycarbonate, polyester, plexiglass, etc., and metals, such as aluminum, steel. Over the years we have established ourselves on the local area and specialized techniques and more innovative products.
In 1989 we started working with the auto industry for the customization of the equipment of some models of the most famous European houses. Through this experience, we entered into the electronics and industrial equipment.

We are able to develop, in collaboration with the technical departments of our customers, design and sampling to obtain a qualitative high-level product. Furthermore, we can supply adhesives and specific labels made with a particular digital system of thermal transfer printing, at present the only one in Italy . The system is very competitive with respect to the production speed, price and quality / durability of the product.

The main feature with which we aim to stand out from the competition is that all production processes take place in our stable: from graphic design to development, to the series.
We work every day with passion, posing as objective to satisfy the customer while maintaining a high printing standards and in compliance with current environmental regulations.

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